a Supportive & Progressive mentorship.



The Ten is a not-for-profit mentorship initiative designed to support & showcase outstanding undiscovered actors.


The Ten mentors 10 young actors every year. All are scouted by leading industry professionals covering youth theatres, schools, community projects, social-inclusion programmes, universities & drama schools across the UK.


Actor / writer Mark Weinman wanted to transform the way in which actors are introduced into the industry through representation.

He believed that in this competitive industry their personal progression on stage and screen could be better supported - and optimised; a mentorship which promotes creative development via free acting coaching but also pursues professional work opportunities for those it considers ready.


The Ten is both scouting network and feeder academy. The programme offers actors a solid centre of support and encouragement as it prepares them to move on to the representation best-suited to their career paths.


The Ten celebrates difference and equal opportunities. Talent comes first, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, sexuality or social class. It develops key principles in its actors’ practice - the power of listening, willingness to fail, playfulness and truth.


The Ten is there to coach, advise, support and share. Client opportunities include free Q&As, workshops in acting, audition techniques, self-tapes and free headshots - it has what its actors need, whenever they need it. 


Its relationships with some of the world’s leading casting directors, actors, directors, producers and agents enable The Ten to offer its actors some vital introductions, important showcasing and a powerful leg-up into the industry.




The Ten is a completely FREE initiative for the 10 actors involved each year. The Ten is NOT AN AGENCY and does not function like one. It is a non profit programme. Should any professional work be obtained by our actors throughout their time on the programme as a result of our introductions or recommendations NO COMMISSION will ever be deducted from any fee. Our drive to get our actors working comes from our belief in their ability and our desire to improve access and equal opportunities.


In order to fund operational costs and continue to enhance our programmes opportunities The Ten is therefore dependent on:


Government funding & grants, donations, sponsorship, fundraising events, Ten Teach - Our access led 'Pay What You Want' public workshops, private acting coaching, & YourTape selftape service.

For more information on how we meet & select actors for The Ten, please check out our invites&submissions page.




If you would like to contribute to help drive our creative practices, improve accessibility, champion equal opportunities and discover acting talents you can buy us a coffee for the price of £1 by clicking the link below. Your donation is hugely appreciated.




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