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Our workshops are designed to support the development of young actors making their way in the industry. We are committed to creating a safe space to share our ideas & practice. We want to create a space which celebrates difference, promotes diversity, builds confidence and allows voices to be heard.


All participants must be aged 18+

We will not tolerate, under any circumstances, language or views that we deem to be harmful or offensive to any person in the working space including but not limited to radical political or religious beliefs, harassment, bullying, verbal abuse, racism or sexism.

Anyone whose behaviour we deem disrespectful, harmful or inappropriate will be immediately removed from the online space by our technical facilitator.

As in any online space, we advise you to please think carefully before sharing any personal contribution when it comes to creative work. We respect that sometimes it can be easy to get lost in our work but gently remind you that you are responsible for everything you choose to present to the group.

In the interests of the GDPR regulations & the welfare of all workshop attendees, workshops must NOT be recorded by yourself.

We may record some workshops for our own records and development of practice. If we are recording a session you will be notified before we start. No recording will ever be posted on any online platform and will be appropriately stored in line with our privacy policy and permantently erased when no longer needed.

We ask that you bring an openness to learn, explore & apply. We do suggest pen & paper are always useful incase you want to make notes as we may not have time to repeat sections.

We look forward to meeting you!

workshop code of practice.

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