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Our Drama School Support Scheme has become a flagship for our community.



After trialling the scheme in 2021 to support young people applying for Drama School in the difficult aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic, we were blown away by the results and feedback our coaching had on helping to offer affordable coaching to everyone. 

The aim of our sessions is to offer levels of audition technique and script study that may otherwise be overlooked. The sessions are led entirely by the needs of the participant and our goal is to pose new questions to the text, character and actor; finding new ideas and innovative approaches to their monologue preparation.

Each session is held online. It lasts 1 hour and there is no limit to the amount of sessions you can book (pending availability).

The session is charged at £5 - a cost we hope is affordable for this level of detailed training & analysis. 

To book a session on this years #dsss please email us HERE.

See what people had to say about their own experience below:

My sessions at The Ten were so much fun and playful which was transferred into my speeches and subsequently brought them back to life for the final rounds of auditions! It creates a safe space to take risks and find new things, which really helped me take the speeches to the next level...Confidence isso key when walking into an audition room, not just in my speeches but in sessions at The ten definitely gave me pride in what I had to offer.

Katie - LAMDA

Mark was really helpful and supportive. I was given clear directions and points for development. His knowledge of speeches and character building massively helped me gain a place at Drama School.

Matt - Mountview

I was struggling to know where to start when approaching a monologue, but even after 45 minutes with The Ten I had a clear structure and framework. More importantly, the sessions enabled me to relax and really enjoy acting again. I think it's easy to forget why you wanted to audition in the first place and get bogged down with "getting it right." These sessions are about trusting your impulses and enjoying the work, which I found meant starting to do better in auditions! I cannot recommend them enough, they are brilliant!

Harriet - RADA

The Ten's DSSS has helped me so so much and I'd recommend it to anyone applying to Drama Schools. Mark helped me bring my pieces and characters to life and made me think about details that I wouldn't have otherwise thought of. I came out of every session buzzing having made a new discovery...I went into all my auditions feeling excited and had confidence in myself and in my monologues. I cannot thank The Ten enough!

Carys - Italia Conti

I can only say positive things about The Ten’s DSSS. For my first time applying to drama school, I felt unsure if I was going about things in the right way, so to be able to speak to Mark and get his advice was incredibly useful. It was a really supportive experience and it has helped with my confidence so much...Applying for drama school as a mature student can be a very lonely experience, so I am incredibly grateful to have been able to talk through it with Mark and learn more about how to approach the performance of my speeches.

Emily - Oxford School of Speech & Drama

Mark was unbelievable to work with. He helped me unlock so much more from my speeches that I couldn’t have found on my own. I felt so supported and empowered to experiment and make my own discoveries. Working with the Ten certainly played a huge part in me getting my place on NYT’s rep company this year.


I can’t thank you enough for working with me. I loved the time and personal approach that was taken to help me with my drama school speech. I was able to go into the session with my own goals and intentions and I love that the session was dedicated to reaching my personal goals. I feel so much more prepared and ready for my auditions and performances coming up in the future. I just wish I could do more! 

Harmony - Mountview

The Ten has played an instrumental role in giving me courage to apply for drama schools & the skills to ultimately be offered a place. Having no previous experience...I was completely intimidated by the amount of work my monologues needed...Mark expertly tailors the structure of each session to the individual, giving valuable, in-depth feedback. Mark’s help is worth a thousand times the £5 fee...helping to improve accessibility in an industry that often feels closed to people suffering from hardship in any form. 

Verity - Leeds Conservatoire


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