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online coaching.

Our online acting coaching is for actors of all levels of experience. It is led by the actors needs and interests. You might be starting out or perhaps just want to keep your acting instincts exercised. Maybe you need some help with an audition or acting exams? This level of personal coaching is designed not only to educate and improve but also to provoke thought, offer insight, challenge acting perceptions and manifest playfulness in your work. We can build a bespoke framework across your sessions - providing scripts and reading materials for you to apply to your learnings. Some examples of areas of focus in past sessions:

Sessions are charged at £25 per hour or £40 per hour for two people.

Please note you must be 18+ to participate in sessions.

- Monologues

- Duologues

- Scene Studies

- Units & Objectives

- Improvisation

- Sight Reading

- Building a character

- Taking Direction

- Creative Writing

- Audition Technique

- Self-Tape

- Devising

This really was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had to work on my auditions and really pushed me to see my pieces from a different perspective and to ask questions I hadn’t thought of before. It is truly an invaluable experience and I can’t believe how much we achieved in just 90 mins.
The Ten Talent have produced such an amazing support scheme and I can’t thank you enough for their help.


Jennifer Pare - Italia Conti 

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