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Headshot photography can be a costly and sometimes stressful addition to an actors expenses. As we continue to find ourselves in such uncertain and difficult financial times, we at The Ten wanted to design an affordable way to update headshots which allow actors to stay on top of opportunities, without fear of missing out.

£50           1 retouched image

£75           2 retouched images

£100         3 retouched images

£125         4 retouched images

£150         5 retouched images


Get in touch now to discuss an option that will best suit you. All requests are subject to availability. 

We run our headshot sessions from a London studio using natural light. We try and run sessions every couple of months but they do get booked up quickly so please get in touch for our next availability and to reserve a place.


Our self-sustainable financial model means that any funds collected through this scheme will be redistributed across creative opportunities for young actors working with The Ten.


Please note* 

We understand it can be difficult to discuss circumstances surrounding financial situations. Please be assured that nothing need be disclosed and we accept all requests in good faith with a total commitment to maintaining complete confidentiality with all correspondence in line with our privacy policy 


Please note you must be 18+ and proof of age may be requested if needed.


Email HERE for more information and please share with anyone who might benefit.

We hope it helps!



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