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invites & submissions.

We primarily work with actors aged 18-25. The majority of actors successfully selected for The Ten are scouted by us personally or are recommended to us by industry professionals who work across youth theatre's, schools, community projects, social inclusion courses, drama schools & universities throughout the UK. Having already spent time working with the actor, it allows us to have a greater understanding of their range, drive and potential; where we can identify individual strengths and areas for development in their performance. All of these will be incredibly important when submitting the actors for the right opportunities during the programme.

It's very important to us that all of the actors we work with have shown a prior interest in working as an actor, particularly as part of an ensemble or company. This allows us to see how they work as part of a team and demonstrates their ability to take direction. It is of equal importance to us to discover aspiring actors who have used/found acting as a means to better their own personal growth, well being or socio-economic situation. Ultimately we are looking for outstanding talent with an acting 'instinct' whom we believe are ready to work professionally and who have not yet had the opportunity to show and realise their own potential.

We love hearing from any young talent trying to make their way in this industry. We respect and admire the determination to remain proactive and chase opportunities. The Ten is built on it's love of promoting mentorship and support amongst artists.

Although we welcome submissions, it is very unlikely that we would offer a place on The Ten based on receiving a showreel or CV. We are, however, committed to fulfilling our own company policy: to watch & consider all material sent to us and to reply to every submission we receive. This means that if we spot someone of interest to us we will endeavour to arrange a meeting with you in person to find out more about you, your experience as an actor and to tell you more about our mentorship. We may also advise on other potential avenues and places of opportunity for you.

Because The Ten is not government funded we are often unable to commit to attending shows & performances we are invited to due to financial restraints. However If you would like to invite us to something that you are performing in (including online), please feel free to email us with all of the details and we will of course let you know whether we are able to watch/attend. Please note that you must be an actor residing in the UK to be eligible for this opportunity and be aged 18+.

If you are someone who has been working with an actor of exceptional talent who you feel meets our criteria and could hugely benefit from our introductory programme please get in touch and we can discuss the best route moving forwards.

We are very keen to hear from youth arts organisations who want to discuss how we can work together in the future to support your young actors. Please let us know if you would like to invite us to any of your performances or if you would like to arrange for The Ten to run a workshop at your company/platform.

Please email with submission/invite in the subject field.


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