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At the very heart of our initiative is our mentorship programme 'The Ten'.

The Ten is a not-for-profit mentorship initiative designed to support, develop & showcase outstanding undiscovered talent from underrepresented backgrounds aged 18-25. 

The Ten mentors a company of10 young actors. Besides our open call, participants are invited to audition by our network of leading industry professionals covering youth theatres, schools, community projects & social inclusion projects. 

Actor / writer Mark Weinman wanted to transform the way in which actors are introduced to the industry through representation. He believed that in this competitive industry their personal progression on stage and screen could be better supported - and optimised; a mentorship which promotes creative development via free acting coaching but also pursues & assists to obtain professional work opportunities.


The programme offers actors a solid centre of support, community and encouragement as it prepares them for a career in the acting industry.

The Ten celebrates difference and champions equal opportunities. We believe everyone deserves their chance for a better future, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, sexuality or social class. It develops key principles in it's actors practice - the power of listening, willingness to fail, bravery, playfulness and truth.

The Ten is there to coach, advise, support and share. Participant opportunities include free

1-2-1 coaching in acting and audition technique, self tape support, group workshops, Q&A' and free headshot photography. It has what its actors need whenever they need it.

It's relationship with some of the worlds leading casting directors, actors, directors, producers and agents enable The Ten to offer its actors some vital introductions, important showcasing and professional auditions - a powerful leg-up into the industry.

We are also delighted to be working with an incredible range of collaborators including drama therapist Anna Crump whose expertise will help offer group creative check-in's designed specifically to support the actors journeys through the competitive realities of the acting industry.

The years programme culminates with the filming of our professionally produced showreel opportunities for our mentees, providing the group with a bespoke showcase ready to send out to the industry. After the programme ends, we aim to do our very best to continue to offer a level of after-care to ensure we remain available to our actors; whether that be through our sub-representation or just solid communication.


The Ten hides nothing about the problems this industry faces to its participants and prides itself on it's honest approach to its mentorship. When remaining transparent about the competitiveness of a career as an actor and the statistical likelihood of experiencing frequent rejections, it is vital that we as a mentorship programme don't also add to to that feeling of at the end of this programme. We want to remain a safe and supportive hub who continues to provide progressive mentorship and open-dialogue even after the programme finishes.



All of the opportunities across our mentorship programme are completely FREE to all participants. The Ten mentorship programme is not an acting agency and does not function as one. Because of our network, we are frequently asked to suggest actors for professional work opportunities and therefore will always be active and responsive to any opportunity we feel might benefit actors on the programme but no commission is deducted from such circumstances.

We believe The Ten can champion the huge potential of mentorship and furthermore create a more inclusive, supportive and less competitive industry.





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