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underrepresented backgrounds  |  what we mean.

At The Ten we have an interest in prioritising our work with young people from underrepresented backgrounds.


Where we are always looking for undiscovered talent to bring to the forefront of this industry, it is important for us to be able to champion those individuals who are marginalised, disadvantaged, or have historically been excluded or lacked proportional representation in various aspects of society. These underrepresented backgrounds can encompass a wide range of characteristics, including but not limited to:


1. Racial or Ethnic Background: People from minority racial or ethnic groups who may face systemic discrimination or limited opportunities.


2. Gender and Sexual Orientation: Women and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ who often face unique challenges and disparities in many areas.


3. Economic Disadvantage: Those from low-income or impoverished backgrounds who have limited access to resources and opportunities.


4. Disabilities: People with physical or cognitive disabilities who may encounter barriers to education, employment, and participation in society.


5. Cultural or Religious Diversity: Individuals from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds who may experience discrimination or bias.


6. Educational Disadvantage: People with limited access to quality education or who face obstacles in pursuing higher education.


7. Geographic Location: Individuals from rural or remote areas, who may have limited access to services and opportunities.


8. Immigrant or Refugee Status: Those who have migrated to a new country and often face issues related to integration and cultural adaptation.


9. Other Minority or Marginalized Groups: This can include individuals who face discrimination based on their physical appearance, beliefs, class, criminal backgrounds or other characteristics.

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